Bitten by a deadly snake -Engelsk tentamen

Bitten by a deadly snake

Kelsey and I sat on a big rock under a huge tree. The air was so hot that it felt thick, but the shadow of the trees helped a lot. I missed the cold winter air in London, the smells, the food and a huge soft bed. At home, when you sat down at a rock your butt would get cold, but here it was the opposite. Except from this rock, it was less warm than the air since it lay in the shadow. The sound of birds and all kind of creatures filled the air. This jungle really had its own rhythm. That was one of the things I would miss when we got home again. It was only one week left; we had been here in Africa for three weeks already. We had been studying different types of snakes, it was a dangerous job.   ?Ah, I think I`ve gotten home sick, for the first time in my whole life.? I said with a grin. This was the seventh time I had been in Africa and Kelsey`s fifth. I pulled some of my dark hair out of my eyes, I had cut my hair before we went to Africa, but it had already grown too long. ?Home sick! I can`t believe it, Carson Ashford is home sick! ?Kelsey said and laughed in a low voice, it was important not to make too much noise in the jungle. I looked at her with a wide smile, her skin was really tan from the sun and her dark eyes shone towards me. We had been engaged for three months now and we had been working together for years.
   ?Maybe we should keep moving back to the village?? She suggested and stood up. ?It`s only five hours until the sun sets.? She was looking up at the sun to figure out the time. I stood up too, ?Yes? I said and we began walking.We had only walked a few steps when Kelsey screamed in agony and I heard her fell to the ground. I turned around in panic; my heart was beating faster than a cheetah could run. Kelsey held her hands to her knee and she had a grin of pain on her pretty face. Behind her I saw a yellow snake wriggle away and disappear into a hole in the ground. I had never seen a snake like that before, but I knew that snakes with such a colour were very dangerous and we only had one or two hours to get the antidote. ?What was that??Kelsey whispered through her teeth, her leg was already swollen and it was shaking. I pulled her up into my arms being careful not to touch her leg. I knew there was a small village nearby and I didn`t have the time to run to the village we were staying in, it would take me three hours to run there.
     I had run for half an hour, not really sure if I ran in the right direction. My limbs were tired, but I kept going on. It`s amazing how much stronger you get when it comes to help the one you love. Even though I was running I stepped carefully, didn`t want to risk getting bitten myself. That would defiantly make it harder running like this. 
   I heard a crack behind me and footsteps, I turned and saw two young men standing there. They were tall with dark skin and they were dressed with something that looked like skirts made of skin from some animal. In their hands they had bamboo sticks with sharp knives looking things on the top. It didn`t look like they wanted to hurt us. Maybe they were from the village nearby?    "Do you speak English??"I asked slowly in a friendly voice not to scare them. They looked at each other, it didn`t seem like they understood. The one to the left opened his mouth and made some weird noises. If I hadn`t seen that he had opened his mouth I would never had thought that he was speaking. I was slightly panicking and tried again in French. "Do you speak French?2 I asked in French. One of them nodded and waved at me, they began running and I followed. Kelsey`s whole body was now shaking and it looked like she had passed out. My heart bet even faster, how fast could it beat? Faster than this and I would probably die.They pushed some tree alike bushes away and I followed. The sight that met me didn`t make me relax, what had I expected? It was a small village, it contained of small cabins made of something that looked like poop. It was a fire in the middle with some women sitting around it, they were cocking something and only one of them noticed us. She stood up as she saw Kelsey unconscious in my arms and she yelled something with an angry voice to the men. Then she grabbed my arm and dragged me after her, our steps made a lot of noise in the silent village. "She`s bitten by a snake" I said to her my voice were trembling. The women didn`t respond. We stopped outside the biggest cabin and she knocked at the door, a few flakes of dirt, or poop, fell to the ground. I held Kelsey tightly against my chest, like I was making sure that her life wouldn`t drift away from me.    An old man came out from the cabin. He was small with gray hair and beard, he wore the same skirt alike think but he also wore necklaces and bracelets. His presence made me feel less worth, he must be a very important man in this village, maybe the healer? ?We heard her scream all way to village. We good ears have.? The man said in a bad French, but I sighted in relieve. He looked at her leg and got a serious expression on his face. ?What snake?? He asked strictly. ?I am not sure. A yellow snake, it got away and I didn`t have the time to catch it.? The man ran back into his cabin. For a moment I almost thought he was going to hide, but he came back with a several things in his hands. He sat down at the ground and tore a gray plant into pieces and put it in a small bowl. Then he looked up at me again. ?Have you clean water?? He asked fast. I lay Kelsey carefully down at the ground, not wanting to hurt her. I had a bottle of water tied to the side of my belt, I handed it to the man that grabbed it quickly. He opened the bottled with fast movements and filled the bowl, then he suddenly had something that looked like yellow dust in his hands. He nearly threw it into the bowl then he mixed it all together with a stick. While he did all this he was murmuring something. "Make her drink all" He commanded me. I knew by the way he spoke that he had to be the leader of this village, he was obviously used to command people. I took the bowl, it was cold! Then I knelt down beside Kelsey and lifted her up so her back was leaning against my knee. I held her head up with my hand. I noticed that her eyes were barely open, she was conscious! That was a good sign. ?Kelsey, dear drink this!? I said in a desperate voice and lifted the bowl up to her lips. She drank it all.   Her body stopped shaking. ?Carson.. where?? She asked in a low and exhausted voice. ?Somewhere safe, I think, this must be the KouKu Laki *klikk klikk* village.? I whispered to her. She laughed a short and low laugh and closed her eyes.

A week later..
Kelsey and I sat on the airplane on our way home. Her leg had been perfectly healed by the old man and the village people had helped us get back to our own village. They had bandaged her leg. She had stayed on a hospital in a city nearby a few days to recover. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back at me. Knowing that she was fine and out of danger was the best feeling in the world.  I would never forget what the KouKu Laki people did for her, for me, how helpful they were. If only all people were that kind...


"Englejenta" norsk tentamen. Noen som vil lese?

hadde norsk tentamen i dag :) Noen som vil lese?


Jeg satt i hjørnet. Det ensomme, kalde og bortgjemte hjørnet. Hjørnet ingen ville snakke om. Hjørnet som alle ville glemme. Det hjørnet og meg. Lyden av fottrinn var rundt meg som en evig rytme. Jeg så på menneskene som gikk forbi, jeg så på dagene som gikk forbi og jeg så livet mitt som gikk forbi. Sola skinte ikke i hjørnet, for hjørnet skulle en ikke skinne på. Bare spøkelsene av skyggene samlet seg i hjørnet, intet bedre fortjente det. 

Jeg satt på huska. Kjettingene som svingte fram og tilbake knirket beroligende. Det var latter og glede i lufta. Sola skinte i hjørnet. Så klart og tydelig. Hjørnet fortjente enda sola, sola ville skinne i hjørnet. Jeg var som en blomst som sugde til meg alt sollys jeg kunne få, alt sola ville gi, fordi rundt meg danset skyggene. Skyggene dekte for sola og lot hjørnet bli stadig mørkere.    Jeg lå på bakken. "Har du noe godt til matpakke i dag`a Potta Lotta!? "Flere og flere kommentarer ble slengt, hjørnet ble enda mørkere, men sola ville skinne der.
    Jeg var inne i det lille lyse klasse rommet, skyggene lurte bak meg men ingenting ble sagt. Luften var kald og spent. Jeg følte meg som byttedyret som var omringen av ulvene. Deres gule øyne hvilte på meg, observerte alle mine bevegelser. Så stille, så rolig og så snill. Det var meg, englejenta som de voksne sa. Jeg gjorde aldri noe galt, bortsett fra å la hjørnet bli mørkere. En dirrende lyd fylte ørnene mine. Alle reiste seg, skyggene reiste seg. Jeg ville bli igjen i klasserommet, for i klasserommet skinte sola i alle hjørner. Det var det ingen Potta Lotta der. Jeg måtte ut, de ventet på meg. Som ulvene som ventet på at byttet skulle bevege seg.  
   Igjen lå jeg på bakken. Jeg følte smerte i hele kroppen. Det var nesten helt mørkt i hjørnet, men enda ville ikke sola gi slipp. Ikke gi slipp på englejenta. Igjen og igjen for smerte gjennom kroppen som elektriske støt. Potte lotta, Potte Lotta, Potte Lotta. Dust, idiot, stygging, nerd.. Vet du, når en hører noe nok ganger tror man på det til slutt? Det blir til sannheten i dine ører. Det blir som en forbannelse som følger deg en hver tid. 

 Det dryppet på gulvet i hjørnet, kinnet mitt var vått. Huden min var blek, blek av alt mørket. Sinnet mitt var mørkt, mørkt som alt rundt meg. Å la tankene vandre tilbake var smertefullt. Det kunne aldri gjøres godt igjen, aldri. Aldri. Jeg ønsket meg tilbake. Ønsket meg tilbake til krysset, det var den ene eller den andre veien. Hvorfor tok jeg ikke den ene? Hvorfor?!

Jeg satt hjemme på kjøkkenet. God matlukt fylte nesen min og en falsk sol skinte så klart i hjørnet. Minnene om skyggene var gjemt bort, som i et parallelt univers. Alle merket noe, ingen gjorde noe. Skyggene var min hemmelighet. Skyggene var det jeg gjemte inni meg som snart skulle fortære meg. "Går det bra med deg? Er alt bra på skolen?" Enda et veikryss, men jeg valgte feil igjen. "Ja da, alt er bare bra." En blank løgn, allerede begynte englejenta og forsvinne, etse opp fra innsiden.
  Smerte fylte igjen kroppen min. Ikke fysisk denne gangen. En høytlesning i den mørke korridoren av min personlige bok. Den jeg skrev i hver kveld. Hvorfor lot jeg den ikke bli igjen hjemme? Der skyggene ikke kunne få tak i den. Små bekker av vann silte fra øynene mine. Latter runget i veggene, samlet seg i hjørnene og ble værende som et ekko.Hva var det jeg hadde gjort for og fortjene noe slikt?! Engelen etset stadig opp, men skallet var der fortsatt.
   Jeg satt alene i den samme korridoren. Stillheten fylte ørene mine. Min pust var den eneste jeg kunne høre. Jeg hadde et skall av en engel rundt meg. Enda skinte sola i hjørnet. Tiden gikk sakte, endelig litt fred, men jeg ville bort. Bort fra hjørnet, bort fra skyggene, bort fra alt. Plutselig ble den spake solstrålen dekket til av en skygge. Den skyggen, den skyggen som snart ikke ville være der mer for og skygge over hjørnet. Den skyggen som ville bli borte, men framdeles skape mørke. Et mørke som aldri helt kunne forsvinne. Skyggen sa noe, smerten var der igjen. Som så mange ganger ble jeg dyttet mot det kalde gulvet. Alene skadet aldri skygger, de gikk som regel sammen. Potta Lotta? Alt svirret rundt meg. Engelen forsvant, den mørke innsiden hadde ingen barriere rundt seg. Det var ingen godhet eller fornuft for å stoppe mørket.
   Alt gikk rundt, jeg grep etter noe. Kunne ikke kontrollere meg selv. Jeg sto ved det endelige veikrysset, det som skulle bestemme min skjebne. Den var enten den ene veien eller den andre. Den ene veien var en slakk nedover bakke, den virket så enkel å gå. Den andre var en hard og lang oppover bakke. Uten å tenke meg om løp jeg den ene veien, den enkleste. Utveien.    Handa mi grep om noe hardt. Jeg løftet handa om og om igjen. Det virket som en evighet. Om igjen og om igjen. Luften var fylt med smerte skrik, men jeg var døv og blind. Skyggen lå på det kalde gulvet, urørelig. Hendene mine var våte og røde. Klærne mine var våte og røde. Gulvet var vått og rødt. Skyggen rørte seg aldri mer, skyggen kunne aldri mer si noe. Jeg var ikke lengre døv, men kunne ikke høre noe annet enn en total stillhet. Jeg var ikke lengre blind, det eneste jeg så var sinnet mitt. Sola ville ikke lengre skinne i hjørnet, for hjørnet skulle en ikke skinne på mer. Ingen sa noen gang noe om engelen igjen, for det var ingen engel mer.

 Jeg satt i hjørnet. Det ensomme, kalde og bortgjemte hjørnet. Hendene mine om knærne mens jeg vugget sakte fram og tilbake. Det var andre som meg her, mange mørke hjørner, men jeg var det eneste sola ikke ville skinne på. Her var jeg ikke for og bli straffet, men for og bli hjulpet ut i sola. Jeg visste at jeg aldri kom til og bli kvitt skyggene og mørket. Begge ville finnes inni meg, plage meg, minne meg på det feile valget jeg en gang gjorde. Det valget ingen trodde jeg kunne ta. Englejenta var jo meg?

Bildet hentet fra google

del 2#


Why was it so important that I didn`t get away. That question made the eager to get away even bigger. This wasn`t a safe place for me to be.
   panic that ran through my body made me use all my powers trying to get away. I forced my arms upwards even that the chain tried to stop me. A loud sound of tree that splintered filled the air and my arms had no longer any resistance keeping them down. I held my arms up and stared at them with wide open eyes. How was this possible?! I had broken the edge of the bed. I sat up in the bed and wasn`t able to take my eyes away from my hands. What was I? How did I get this strong? The chains were still around my wrists; maybe I could manage to break them too?    Carefully I stepped out from the bed, making sure that the chains didn`t hit the ground and made even more noise, it was probably only a matter of time before someone came looking what had happened. The floor was made of stone but it didn`t feel cold against my feet as I had expected. I was just stupid that expected anything at all now, with all these strange happenings.    I bent down so that the chains lay against the floor, my hands were about one meter away from it I stepped on the ends of the both of them, it didn`t hurt standing on them. Slowly I closed my eyes took a deep breath and of all the powers I had left in my arms I lifted them upwards at the same time as I stretched out. It felt like I stood there for ages. I could hear the wind outside and every little sound. Step after step I could see that the chain around my wrist was about to comply. Finally they compiled and broke, my hands were free.    With a smirk I rubbed my wrists, for the first time it hurt. It felt good, at least I knew I was alive now, you couldn`t feel pain if you were dead. I remembered that much.   Suddenly I heard steps coming fast towards the door. In panic I looked around in the room. On a chair beside the door lay a dark cloak. With movements as fast as a lightning I ran the few steps to the other side of the room. I got the cloak around me and listened. The steps were even closer now, should I wait and see who was coming or jump out of the window. I didn`t know if I would have any chance at all surviving the jump, but I knew I was strong and whomever it could be that were coming I at least had a chance.    I waited in the dark behind the door. The sound of the steps stopped outside. I heard the tick noise from the lock that meant someone had unlocked the door. Slowly the door opened with a creak and the room lit up. The shadow of this person seemed huge and frightening. With wide open eyes I watched that someone step inside the room. That someone wasn`t that huge, but tall he was. His hair was golden and he wore some kind of a green uniform. He let out a gasp as he saw that the bed was empty then he turned around.   His dark red eyes met mine, his face looked surprisingly friendly. At the same time he looked a little frighted, was he frightened by me??You`re awake.? He said in a low voice.

Berre ein skugge ; nynorsk stil

Berre ein skugge.Eg såg halve meg sjølve i speile. Eg var ikkje ein heil person meir. Den andre delen av meg var ikkje meir. Den var revet frå meg, brått og brutalt. Så smertefullt. Knust i bitar, som eit spegel som var gått i golvet. Ei knust rute. Enno kunne eg sjå hendene mine raude, drypande, varme og klissete. Det svarte håre mitt hang dødt mot kinna mine. Dei ein gong så livlige blåe auga mine var tomme, daue. Heile meg var som omgitt av ein skugge, den typen skugge du helst vil unngå, den skuggen som er skremmande og grusom. 
   Eg tenkte tilbake, det kjendes ut som om nokon stakk ein kniv gjennom det som var att av meg. Kvar gong eg tenkte tilbake stakk det, det gjorde like vondt kvar gong. Sku tida lege alle sår? Det gjer den ikkje, du berre gøymar smertene i eit hjørne. Tar den opp frå tid til annan og kjennar på dei, dei svir av deg henda så du kjennar det langt inn i skjela. Du trur du blir hel, men du blir aldri heilt hel. Aldri heilt den same. Aldri deg sjølve.   Eg- Susie- og Lyndon sko berre innom butikken å kjøpe litt sukker. Eg hadde overtald han til å lage kake med meg, han hadde ikkje lyst eigentleg, likte ikkje å bake. Men eg tykje det var ein god idé. Han gjorde det for mi skuld, fordi han elska meg og eg elska han. Han døde for meg, det var mi skuld, berre min.    Ei tåre trilla ned det bleike fjeset mitt. Nå stakk kniven enno djupere, inn i det tomme skallet eg kalde eit hjarte før. Eg såg for meg alt att, gjekk gjennom det som eg så mange gongar før hadde gått gjennom. 

 Lyndon smilte mot meg som ei sol og eg var planten som trengde sola. Det som om det var musikk i lufta, fikk alt inni deg til å boble. Livet mitt var perfekt, alt var så bra, eg visste ikkje det, eg tok alt forgitt. Om eg berra hadde visst kva som kom til å skje kvart augeblikk. Kva som kom til å rive meg i stykke. Vi var tvunge å gå den vegen der alle skumlingane budde. Det skjedde jo aldri noko på dagen og kva for eit anna val hadde vi når den andre vegen var sperra? Spørsmål som disse hadde plaga meg i hel sidan det skjedde. Kvifor meg? Kva har eg gjort for å fortene noko som dette. Ingen fortene noko som dette.
   Vi gikk langs den stygge gata, utan å ense noko rundt oss. Eg kunne være kvar som helst med Lyndon å det ville virke fint. Gata kunne forbli kunn grå og ikkje av den same fargen som hadde vært på henda mine, som så snart kjem til å være der. Ein skumling kom snikande mot oss med vaklande skritt. Det var noko me han eg ikkje likte, haldninga. Det var som om han bar skuggen med seg. Skumlingen spurte om vi kunne hjelpe han me noko. Lyndon prøvde å vare høfleg som vanleg, men sa nei når han såg uttrykket mitt. Vi gjekk før han rakk å seie noko meir. Viss vi berre hadde brydd oss om kva han sa. ?Dykk vill angre.? Hadde han sakt med ein kvesande stemme.
   Vi var med butikken no, eg sa at Lyndon kunne vente på yttersida. Det var ein varm dag og det var ofte dårleg luft inni butikkane, noko han ikkje tålde så bra. Så det var det han gjorde. Kvifor let eg han vente på yttersida?! Kvifor tok eg ikkje han med inn? Eg fikk livet mitt øydelagt på grunn av ein pakke sukker. 
   Eg gjekk ut, gleda meg til å være til saman med han att. Kvifor sa eg ikkje farvel når eg gjekk inn i butikken?
    Det var som om nokon hadde sloppe ei bombe på yttersida. Alt var eit stort kaos. Alle dei menneske. Kva hadde skjedd? Det var då eg såg det, gata der eg og Lyndon hadde kommet frå. Fleire menneske var på tur dit. Sukkeret dekte bakken der eg sto. Føta mine bar meg så fort dei kunne. Eg kunne sjå det lyse håret hans mellom nokre folk. Og eg kunne sjå, rødt. Om eg ropte hugse eg ikkje, alt gjekk sakte. Hjartet mitt dunka, det dunka meg i stykke. Eg dytta bort alle menneska rundt han.
    Der låg han. Dekket av blod. Blod som nå dekte henda mine som nå farga gata. Rundt meg kviskra dei, nokon ropte og ringde etter ein ambulanse. Det la eg ikkje merke til da, det einaste eg såg var Lyndon. Han smilte ikkje lengre, han kom aldri til å smile att. Auga hans så tomt opp i lufta, ein sky hadde kommet over sola mi. Ein evigvarande sky som fekk planten til å vissene.
    Eg hev meg ned på sida av han, tok ikkje notis til den voksande raude flekken rundt ham. ?Lyndon?? kviskra eg, eg ville ikkje tro at dette skjedde. Det kunne ikkje skje meg, slikt skjer aldri deg, slikt skjer med andre. ?Lyndon!? Eit skrik av smerte fylde lufta, alt var stille. Eg holt han mot meg, han ville vakne snart ville han ikkje? Trøste meg, få meg til å gløyme alle problema mine? Slik det pla å være.    Han trøsta meg aldri.  

Eg såg meg sjølv i spegelet. Kleda mine var svarte, dette var min siste sjans å seie farvel til Lyndon. Seie farvel til resten av meg, seie farvel til alt. Alle trudde dei forsto meg, det ville de aldrig, ingen kan tenkje seg korleis det er å miste nokon du elskar av heile ditt hjarte. Korleis det følas når alt du har i hjertet døyr, føle på kva som ikkje er att.   
Sett pris på dei du har mens du har dei.

(ikke jeg som har tatt bildet)

del 1#

What am I?Chapter 1.

[Før du leser dette må jeg beklage den elendige engelsken min! Men prøv å konsentrer deg om hva som står dær, ikke alle feilene. du kan rette på meg, men vær så snill, ikke skriv en liste om hva som er feil uten å kommenter innholdet. dette er foresten mitt 987654 forsøk på å få til noe bok lignende. Er kommer lengre, men legger ikke alt ut på en gang, så jeg har en sjangs å komme vidre før jeg skal legge mer ut xP ]

I opened my eyes. The room I lay in was dark, only a weak glow of moonlight shone through the window. Still I saw everything in the room as clear as it should have been in the middle of the day. The cold night air was warm against my skin, it felt delighting. Where was I again? I couldn`t remember. My limbs were tender, it felt like they hadn`t moved in centuries.    I lay in a small soft bed with a blue silk sheet over my body, it barely didn`t cover my head. I tried to lift my hand, but something stopped me, something hard around my wrist. I tried to move my other hand, it was stuck too. The sheet annoyed me, I couldn`t see my hands and I couldn`t move the sheet. Had somebody tied me to the bed? Why? There was no reason to, or was there? Actually there might be a good reason, as I couldn`t remember anything. Still, the thought of that I couldn`t move made me panic. Should I just wait for someone to come and help me? Or maybe I should try to escape. It felt like my heart was about to beat faster, but there was something strange. I couldn`t feel it beat at all. I decided to wait a moment to think about the whole situation. I closed my eyes to think, was there any ways out from here?    The window! I opened my eyes again and the hope that for a second had built up inside of me was ruined. Because what I saw outside of the windows was only the top of the mountains. I had to be several floors from the ground and it would defiantly kill me if I tried to jump. A weak sight escaped my lips, but I kept looking for a way out. At the other side of the room were a door, I could just walk out of it and out from wherever I were. No, I had this feeling that this was a place that I couldn`t just walk out from. This survival instinct inside of me had taken over my logical mind. The only thing I wanted was to get out, away from whatever tied me to this bed.    Again I tried to move my hands, I felt more awake now, stronger. My feet! Maybe they were free? I tried to move and to my relief I managed to lift them up. Angrily I kicked the blue silk sheet away from me so I could see my hands. My bare pale white hands almost glowed up in the dark. Surprised I blinked, they didn`t look as I expected. I`d thought that at least my own body would look familiar to me, but it didn`t. I wore a thin white dress made of something soft that felt like silk, it reached to just above my knees. I moved my gaze to my wrists, there were chains tied around them and then to the bed. The chains were really thick-like they were supposed to hold a dragon chained- and made of something that looked like steel.    How was I supposed to get out of these? It was exactly what the problem was, I wasn`t supposed to get away. What I couldn`t understand was why.


16, Hammerfest

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